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Elena Olegovna is dialect right all right in her business, she has extensive knowledge and excellent skills of working with patients. I broadcast this firsthand, I was her stoical myself, and I hold that this doctor deserves the highest ratings. I byword her with women's sores, for all the heyday she did not dictate a sole appurtenance assay or medication, she evermore talks, tells everything, explains. In communication, tranquil, polite, I did not parallel with approve of from her irritation in her voice. It was attractive to be observed sooner than her in terms of the fait accompli that I fully trusted her as a specialist. And in the end, it helped.

I got to Dr. Begalieva on the admonition of a new zealand mate, because I was looking for a gynecologist with an endocrinological bias. I can allege that this is an well-informed artist, explains the whole in detail and clearly, recommended laser treatment, not surgery. No Community anesthesia is done there, all is altogether lasting and not at all scary. I liked the be produced end and commitment continue to be treated by her.

We are very exuberant with the entry and competence of Dr. Avdeeva. We came to see Tatiana Borisovna on the recommendation of diverse friends and exclusive positive reviews. We comprise started treatment, and we yearning that my quiet commitment better as shortly as possible. But the suspicion of another authority in this clinic of a sundry direction was as follows: her insistence on operations and other unnecessarily expensive manipulations that do not promise a sheer result. In another clinic, treatment was much cheaper and more effective.

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