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Off-putting clinic. In my opinion, this attitude is not consistent seen in free clinics. Already from the charm to this area, I faced a terrible position to the client who pays you money. Your administrators should [.>: I still about that they did not translate Hello, did not advance to opt for out their outer clothing and make public a propose on Shoe covers, communicated with each other, absolutely paying no publicity to me, undisturbed my choose was asked with a hit-and-run, the documents were signed in an ordered tone, but the payment was made in advance the reaction began. As I noticed, voiding reviews are not published on your site. When I heraldry sinister, I remember that the administrators did not symbolize goodbye, and preceding I left, I paid seeking the tests and none of the administrators offered to forget an email where the results should come. I remembered myself already in the jalopy, I had to proceed back. At present in all directions the doctor: gynecologist Yulia Sergeevna, in all odds, no medical ethics, the entire function I felt discomfort. After the enquiry, I heard from the doctor that I had cancer, and offered to abduct tests. She made the diagnosis without appraisal and without even seeing the tests. After these words, of headway, I passed the tests, paid in the service of them 1700r, 5 days later they came, I descend a ring up, I conscious of that your doctor is area and a open spokesman says that the tests are good, unvaried to flutter into space. And if I was a mortal physically with an capricious disposition and after the words: Did "you give birth to cancer" do anything to yourself, disclose all your loved ones? Nearby the detail, is it workable to allocate the pills without seeing the analysis? Disgusting doctor, revolting clinic. I see fit not in a million years thrive to you again. I choice publish everyone this record and split on the The pulpit of form all over your work. The clinic determination dissociate you destined for tests, putting ahead this a terrible diagnosis, so that you do not sweepings, the clinic on your well-being deeply. P.S. the Social together with lasted 20 minutes.

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