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Revolting bent of the florence nightingale in the treatment room. I am in unbroken irritation and bewilderment because this Madam, who flew into the treatment cell in a negative, without gloves, diluted medicines and of a mind the system. Putting on gloves, she progressive the part, walked along the hall, and began extra actions. When I politely asked her to modulation her gloves, she replied: "What else can I do? MGM "vulgar" cheer and other rudeness. After this disposition, in appendix to continuing treatment, a adequate specialist Avdeeva, no longer wants to descend upon the clinic. Calculation, reviews through despite other patients choice not be positive.

At the soir‚e, the girls are uncommonly courteous and polite.

I longing to thank all the staff of the clinic and uncommonly the doctor Igor Kuzovlev. I after to disclose right away that I was very lily-livered to go to the reception with such a delicate mess, I was timid that it would be very irritating and there would be no entente when I applied. It turned excuse that I was wholly unnecessarily afraid, the doctor is polite, very sensitive, it was not notably distressful, since the enquiry gain itself is not pleasant, but I vision it would be worse. Calmed down, prescribed treatment, although the first continuously of the week in hushed tones slept. Numberless thanks to Igor Sergeevich. The girls at the do are tactful and attentive.

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