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I would like to Express my thankfulness to Elena Olegovna someone is concerned her sensitive inclination to patients, for her professionalism, and for her amity of her profession. Elena Olegovna helped me a loads: she removed the cysts on the cervix carefully, painlessly and without any complications. Examines terribly carefully and does not hurt at all. As a replacement for me, a exceedingly gargantuan chicken, this is important. In communication thoughtful, self-control and pleasant. I participate in a complex endocrine disease. On treatment in requital for soul, since 1999, when a pituitary tumor was discovered. Elena Olegovna is a acceptable maestro in the field of gynecology-endocrinologists. Does not delegate anything extra. I chose my own female doctor representing myself, and I also advocate Elena Begalieva To other women. I commitment be very happy if my criticize drive help any of the women to find their doctor and no longer sweat blood close by their women's healthfulness, which commitment be in the appropriate hands of a professional. With respect and Love.

Study of the doctor Begalieva E. O. (Kaliningrad). Thank you acutely much to Elena Olegovna, thanks to her and well-appointed treatment, my daughter appeared and now we are flat waiting representing replenishment. She removed my erosion with a laser for good occasionally, the aggregate went definitely and after without complications.

I am uncommonly grateful to this doctor. Communicative, pleasant in communication and delicately approaches the unfailing's problems. The diagnosis is not made at unordered, reasonable to hazard, as uncountable doctors in Kaliningrad, but understands the essence of the dilemma and already determines whether it is unqualifiedly a mind-boggler or a main attraction of the unwavering's physiology. I was satisfied with the consultation, with such a doctor things being what they are you can safely think nearly planning a child.

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