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Elena Olegovna is a profoundly good doctor. I have been looking conducive to a doctor myself from Volgograd notwithstanding a long time. She explains the whole marvellously, auspicious in the ultrasound room. This is my doctor now. I am altogether thankful to Elena Olegovna, a doctor who loves her work.

Rating 5+. I wishes start from the well-spring with the clinic itself. A profoundly gratifying experience, starting with the reception. And not just because they were neat (as plausible as that would be). There are pleasant nuances. The gynecologist herself is a wonderful doctor. Not at worst did she answer all the sensitive questions, even the ones I didn't ask. Jolly attentive. I initiate my doctor. I've been looking representing a covet time. Thanks.

I went to Elena Olegovna repayment for pregnancy planning. Proper for specific years, I treated amenorrhea, the doctors threw up their hands, nothing helped. I, having bypassed both GCHQ and R and Doctor M, and doctors of other cities, without receiving steal, unequivocal to discharge go of the plight, and after 6 months the return itself began to recover. A year later, I peruse benevolent reviews thither Elena Olegovna, was inspired, went to the greeting, and tadaaam. Got pregnant in the first month of planning, thanks you. It is utter critical to track down a noble, sagacity and vulnerable doctor, such as E. O. it is a Pity that pregnancy does not lead.

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The reaction was very edible, with all the explanations, with all the clarifying questions. From the principal minutes, the doctor is easy to lead of. You can glimpse at on one occasion that Elena Begalieva is a gifted in her field. Welcoming and very attentive. I purpose endure my treatment with her.

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