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I'm hugely delighted. A thin-skinned and heedful woman, explains everything, does not settle on unnecessary procedures, the prices are reasonable. I was treated during her, I did the procedures manifestly, and what is noted, I encouraged and did not frighten, although the ahead is unpleasant in itself. I would tout Elena Olegovna with self-assurance, she is a good master and a suitable person.

I went to see Elena Begalieva. I received fit notification from her and passed the appropriate tests. So far, I can't demand anything about her professionalism, because the diagnosis has not yet been made, but I recollect that the whole shooting match purposefulness be fine. Based on my maiden fancy, she's a normal doctor.

Elena Olegovna is an staggering doctor. Entire lot is bell-like and correctly explains, after her techniques, you upon wrong elated. Does not recommend any non-essential procedures, and the procedures themselves are done carefully, without discomfort. I've not in a million years met such doctors before. Thanks.


A exceptionally wholesome doctor. She explained the whole, told me and prescribed the suitable course of treatment. Careful, not rude. I highly recommend it.

Elena Olegovna is a exceptionally okay doctor. She is courtly, explains the whole shooting match in send and darned clearly. Examines barest carefully and does not hurt at all.

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